Easy Listening



Covering Artists such as;  Buffett, Eagles, Zac, Garth, Drifters +++

"Siesta John"


 Music is Performed LIVE...Nothing is Pre-Recorded

About The Music... (How such a full sound is generated)

All of my music is played in 'real-time', as you hear it.  NOTHING is pre-recorded.  A Yamaha PSR keyboard provides the drums, bass-line, musical style and tempo from it's ~100 embedded musical styles.  Chord changes on the KBD (to match what I'm playing on the guitar) are  made in real-time using MIDI footpedals, which duplicate the lowest octave on the keyboard.  What it comes down to is that  I am playing the keyboard with my feet.  Vocal harmonies are voiced using a second microphone routed through a Digitech Vocalist Performer, a 20+ year old piece of equipment!